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    IP Rights Enforcement Gone Wrong: MarkMonitor Pursues UK Village Over Its Own Name Read article in a new window

    IP rights enforcement might be seen as a necessary evil. It depends who you ask. However sometimes the companies who do the rights enforcement for big brands screw up and screw up badly. A recent case involves the village of Copthorne, which is located in Sussex, England. The village has a population of about 5 […] IP Rights Enforcement Gone Wrong: MarkMonitor Pursues UK Village Over Its Own Name was published originally on Domain Industry & Internet News - Domain Name Industry News

  • Domain Investing 5 hours ago

    Sunday Updates and Thoughts Read article in a new window

    It has been the biggest sporting weekend in quite some time. We had the Kentucky Derby, Manny Pacquiao fight, and NFL Draft this weekend. We also have a Red Sox Yankees series at Fenway Park, and I’ll be at the Sox game tonight. Here are some thoughts and updates. As always, you are invited to share your own thoughts and updates in the comment section if you would like. I have noticed an uptick in purchase inquiries lately. Unfortunately, the majority are in the 2-3 figure range on names t...

  • DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 Read article in a new window

    Some solid Godaddy names today.  Not a lot of time for chit chat.  Watching the fight and tired.  Here are today’s names. AntiMonopoly.com   Only the person that has the monopoly likes a monopoly.  21 bidders DTRG.com   16 years old.  Don’t Trade RG III PUHA.com   Great CVCV. IMO should go over $1000 very easily Debacles.com   Good fail blog name PFRC.com  The PF draws them and the RC keeps them coming back.  15 years old HeatingRepair.com AirConditioning Repair was yesterday. This i...

  • TLD Investors 12 hours ago

    Daily Sales Recap 5-2-15 SpecialOffer.com closes at $18,100 on Flippa – Sold for $35,000 in 2007 Read article in a new window

    Daily Sales Recap 5-2-15 powered by NAMEBIO SpecialOffer.com closed at $18,100, the seller purchased the domain in 2007 for $35,000. MentalHealth.org closed at $11,750 on Go Daddy Auctions, the right extension for keywords imo. NameJet mostaza.com – 4,901 USD 45656.com – 1,900 USD tvsa.com – 1,217 USD fineartphotos.com – 807 USD phonenet.com – 777 USD […]

  • Domain Pulse 13 hours ago

    Big Three Letter Sale Tops Weekly Chart Read article in a new window

    The sale of ppp.com for $290,000, brokered by Guta, was the biggest sale in the Domain Name Journal Chart of top reported sales for the week ending 26 April. It...

  • Domain Pulse 14 hours ago

    .SE To Release One And Two Character Domains; Auctions for Most Popular Read article in a new window

    .SE has decided to allow registration of .se domain names with only one character. The most attractive domain names will be released through an auction on Tradera. The 18 .se...

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  • Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: StyleBox.com, WeedShops.com, Zilli.com, Light.co, More Read article in a new window

    Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal. 1. EveryDayCounts.com for $40,000 An upgrade from Every-Day-Counts.com. An online fashion shop with a bricks & mortar location in Amsterdam. Alexa rank near 1.3 million. “every.day.counts was created with one vision – to simplify our cluttered wardrobes until we want to wear every piece we own.“ 2. Zilli.com for $31,510 An upgrade from Zilli.fr. A men’s fashion site, “...

  • Domain Investing 1 day ago

    Behind the Story of Netnopolis Read article in a new window

    You probably noticed the new banners on DomainInvesting.com advertising “The Story of Netnopolis.” If you clicked through, you learned it was an advertising campaign created by new gTLD registry and applicant, Radix. I reached out to Namrata Arya, one of my contacts at Radix, and she shared more details about this new marketing campaign and what Netnopolis means: “We’re running a never before ran sort of a campaign. It’s meant to create a metaphoric representation o...

  • The Domains 1 day ago

    .XYZ Becomes 1st New gTLD To Top 900,000 Registrations Read article in a new window

    .XYZ has become the first new gTLD new domain extension to have topped 900,000 registrations. According to new ntldstats.com .XYZ has 900,739, domain registered. There are only 6 new gTLD extension to have broken the six figure mark (excluding the IDN .网址 (xn--ses554g) which are all registry owned) and here they are in order: .XYZ […]

  • Online Domain 1 day ago

    Flippa Weekly Domain Sales: PWU.com $17,000, FashionableHats.com $8,000 Read article in a new window

    Highest sale this week at Flippa was the domain name PWU.com that was sold for $17,000. Quieter week, en route to $70,000+ in sales (including those privatized). .IOs continued to show strength, with Art.io selling for $6,050 plus other .io domains. Post-Auction … Continue reading →

  • TLD Investors 1 day ago

    Flippa Sales For The Week Led by PWU.com – NSE.com Auction does not close at $50,000 Read article in a new window

    Flippa weekly sales for the week were led by PWU.com at $17,000. There were not a ton of reportable sales this week and Kevin Fink explained why on the blog, earlier he let me know that NSE.com would not be going through at $50,000. I would expect to see the domain relisted. He also started […]

  • DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 Read article in a new window

    Today is one of the biggest weekends of the year for me selling plants.  You can imagine why if you know Midwest weather. It’s perfect this time of year.  Yesterday ended up being the biggest sales for a weekday we have ever had.  To put it in perspective.  We did 50% of the ANNUAL revenue from our first year 20 years ago in ONE day.  And we will do the same revenue we did for that entire year this weekend.  So many people see the Internet startups ramping up and selling for millions but t...

  • Domain Pulse 1 day ago

    ICANN: ICG Announces Update Regarding Community Comments and ICG Forum Read article in a new window

    The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) today announced that it has published its process for handling comments submitted to the ICG Forum [PDF, 37 KB]. Comments may be directly...

  • Domain Pulse 1 day ago

    Board Approves ICANN Five-Year Operating Plan (FY16-FY20) Read article in a new window

    On the 26 April 2015, the Board met in Los Angles, California, and approved the ICANN Five-Year Operating Plan (FY16-FY20) [PDF, 1 MB]. The Five-Year Operating Plan helps to establish...

  • The Domains 1 day ago

    Why Namecoin never took off Read article in a new window

    Namecoin has been an idea that has got some press in the past but never really totally caught on. The idea of a decentralized DNS system, kind of like domain names working on the same premise as Bitcoin. Coin Telegraph sat down with Michael Dean one of the biggest proponents of Namecoin. In the interview […]

  • TLD Investors 1 day ago

    Daily Sales Recap 5-1-15 1443.com sells for $9,377 on NameJet Read article in a new window

    Daily Sales Recap 5-1-15 powered by NAMEBIO 1443.com sold for $9,377 on NameJet, even with the double 4’s still a nice price. Pokies.org closed at $8,000 on Flippa, 1 bid, this is apparently an Australian casino game, slang for poker machines I guess. NameJet 1443.com – 9,377 USD atvrentals.com – 2,300 USD titanium.net – 2,010 […]

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    Thursday, April 30, 2015
  • TLD Investors 1 day ago

    Market Recap 5-1-15 Web.com Soars on Better Than Expected Earnings – Stock up 14.6% Read article in a new window

    Market Recap 5-1-15 Strong day across the board, the big winner was Web.com (WWWW) up 14.6%. Motley Fool reported: What: Shares of Web.com (NASDAQ: WWWW  ) surged on Friday after the company reported first-quarter earnings that beat analyst expectations. Up as much as 24% soon after the market opened on Friday, the stock had settled down […]

  • Recent Domain Sales That Have Been Developed (pics): ZAIH.com, RCKT.com, SD.se, PS.se, More Read article in a new window

    The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the last few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. RCKT.com sold for $7,695 at Sedo, and the domain is an upgrade from Rocket-Internet.de. “We are Rocket Communications. We create compelling content.” ZAIH.com sold for $7,950 at Sedo, and I can’t tell much based on a Google translation of the Chinese language site, &...

  • Flippa.com 1 day ago

    Weekly Domain Rundown: PWU.com wins the week, continues LLL dominance Read article in a new window

    10%. Free Escrow. Free to Relist. That’s it, simple as… Flippa Domains is keeping it simple: Domain sellers never pay more than a flat, 10% commission – which includes Flippa Escrow. Should your domain not sell the first time around, simply relist for free, or place in your Flippa Portfolio to await offers. 10% …Simple. A quick note about sales reporting: it should [...]

  • Microsoft Build 2015 Wrap-Up: What You Need to Know Read article in a new window

    Developers flocked to San Francisco this week for the Microsoft Build conference, an annual event that launched in 2011. The WHIR has rounded up some of the highlights of the Build Conference. Read More...

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