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  • Flippa Recap: Tutorly.com, A0B.com, Hard-Drive.com, Fire.glass, Tipster.tips, Salad.info Read article in a new window

    Some domains that sold Fire.glass – $5,000 – Confirmed sale. 33,000 per month search volume and a $2.50 CPC, per SEMRush. An example pictured to the right. Per Wikipedia, “Fire glass is tempered glass manufactured in pebble-sized fragments used as a medium to retain and direct heat, usually in gas fireplaces and fire pits.” FilipinoDomains.com and 85 other domains – $3,500 – included FilipinoDirectory.com, FilipinoBusiness.com, FilipinoWiki.com, FilipinoStar....

  • The Domains 3½ hours ago

    Pinterest Wins Control PinSex.com With 49 Million Visitors Based On Common Law TM of “Pin” Read article in a new window

    Pinterest, Inc. just won control over two domain names PinSex.com and PinGay.com which are active sites driving a huge numbers of members and traffic based off a finding that Pinterest had common law rights to the word “pin” The disputed domain name was registered on June 5, 2008. The disputed domain name was registered on […]

  • Domain Investing 4½ hours ago

    Namecheap Issues “Urgent Security Warning” Read article in a new window

    It’s Labor Day here in the US, so it’s not a great day for companies to share important news, but it is important that you see this Namecheap security warning, even if you do not use the company as your domain name registrar. This issue seems like it has the potential to impact domain investors as well as others who own domain names. It may also be impacting other accounts as well. Please read this important security update regarding a previous breach that may impact you on Namecheap...

  • TLD Investors 4¾ hours ago

    9th Annual DNForum.com NFL Football Pool Read article in a new window

    It is Labor Day and that means we are getting close to the start of another season in the NFL. It is also time for the 9th annual DNForum.com NFL Football Pool! Adam Dicker puts this on each year and gives you a chance to win money each week for free. Weekly Prizes Place    Prize […]

  • Jason Thompson 5 hours ago

    My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 9-1-2014 Read article in a new window

    I didn’t get a chance to put together a list yesterday because we have been busy enjoying Las Vegas. Before I came to Vegas I ended up selling a name [...]

  • CircleID 5¼ hours ago

    Where Should the Telcos Jump Next? Read article in a new window

    With declining revenues now across all of the major revenue segments — something in the order of $25 billion worldwide — it is 2 minutes to 12 and the industry needs to act. Unlike previous situations, this time there is no large money-spinner around the corner for the telcos, such as we saw in previous situations when broadband and mobile came to the rescue. So, what is next and what to do with all the cash that these telcos are still generating? The fear is that they will not ...

  • The Domains 5¼ hours ago

    NameCheap Finds & Issues Urgent Security Warning That May Affect All Internet Users Read article in a new window

    In a post on its corporate blog, NameCheap.com, the domain name registrar, announced it found an attack overnight and blocked over 30,000 IP’s that were attempting to  gather the “username and password data gathered from third party sites, likely the data identified by The Register (i.e. not Namecheap) is being used to try and gain […]

  • Domain Investing 5½ hours ago

    Bulk Whois Lookups – #1 on My “Wish List” Read article in a new window

    I am frequently asked what types of tools I would want to help make my business life easier and more efficient. The one response that has stayed the same for years is a bulk Whois look up tool. I would like to be able to do Whois searches in bulk so I can analyze large lists of domain names. I believe there is at least one website that offers bulk whois lookups, but I haven’t found one that offers it in the manner I would like to see it. Since there might be a company that can do this, I ...

  • The Domains 7¼ hours ago

    1st Asset Backed Crypto Currency: Sync Coin Secured By Domains Trading At Same Price As Bitcoin Read article in a new window

        Sync coin is the first asset-backed, profit-sharing currency and the asset the currency is back by is domain names. According to a press release, Sync Foundation and SyncFund.com co-founder, Mike Fiol, who has been in the domain industry for many years. is quoted in a press release, that the total supply of Sync […]

  • Online Domain 7½ hours ago

    Adam Dicker Evaluates 450+ Domain Names In 110 Minutes! (3 videos) Read article in a new window

    DNFCollege TERM 3 started about 10 days ago at the always popular domain name forum DNForum.com owned by Adam Dicker. Adam Dicker has published 3 videos on his YouTube channel giving domain name evaluations for all the domains that people … Continue reading →

  • Domain Owl 7¾ hours ago

    How to grab a Top Level Domain Read article in a new window

    In the last several years the availability of website domain name suffixes have grown. These include such names as .eu, .ws, .cc, and so on. This makes it a little bit easier to find a domain name directly related to … Continue reading →

  • Morgan Linton 8½ hours ago

    Two Easy Ways To Setup A Directory Website Read article in a new window

    Directory Websites can be a great way to generate passive income, especially if you have a good domain name to go along with it. At the same time, it’s important to understand that unless you already have a steady stream of traffic just putting up a directory won’t suddenly send people to your site – […]

  • Blog Dominios 9¾ hours ago

    Listado de dominios LL.com y otros datos de interés Read article in a new window

    Wellington, usuario del foro de dominios Demene.com, ha destacado una noticia muy interesante que queremos transmitir y es una pagina donde se pueden ver las empresas que cuentan con dominios LL.com, su fecha de registro y el precio de adquisición en caso de haber sido comprados. La página se encuentra precisamente en un dominio de […]

  • Domain Investing 10 hours ago

    Share Your Success Story Read article in a new window

    I frequently write about large domain name sales and smart domain name acquisitions. One thing that I would like to write more about is success stories involving descriptive keyword domain names. I am sure there are people who are doing well with business development on keyword domain names, and I would be happy to share your story. I’ll give you an example. Sol Orwell shared insight about his success with Examine.com, and I thought the discussion that followed on Hacker News were interest...

  • Online Domain 11 hours ago

    Nominet Increases Security By Adding 2-Factor Authentication To .UK Domain Names Read article in a new window

    Nominet announced that it is boosting the security of the UK namespace to help protect it from attack and exploitation. As part of this, they will be offering two-factor authentication access to their Online Services (OS) to registrars later on … Continue reading →

  • DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday 9/1 Read article in a new window

    Raymond Hackney of TheDomains.com had a nice article asking what his reader’s opinions of whether numerics are going up from here.  I tried to post a comment but didn’t make it through so I’ll say it here.   The answer in my opinion is Yes.  Posted were the top numeric sales from 4.cn and after only a few months old they are already outdated.   Just this week 4.cn had three numeric sales over $100K which were much higher than the highest sales a few months ago.  Plain and simpl...

  • TLD Investors 12 hours ago

    Daily Domain Picks 9-1-14 Read article in a new window

    Now that summer is over we will get back in the groove here with some daily picks.  In addition to NameJet and Go Daddy I will also include Flippa auctions closing for the day if something is attractive. Go Daddy Auctions ElegantCars.com – 12 year old domain – 110 exact searches (GAKP) CougarTennis.com – 6 […]

  • Domaining Tips 13 hours ago

    This Week’s New gTLD Launches Read article in a new window

    Another busy week for new gTLDs: one landrush phase, four Early Access Program phases and nine General Availability phase. The days we should keep an eye on are Wednesday (September 03) and Friday (September 05). First of all, there will be one landrush on Wednesday: Dot Republican Next, the Early Access Program will start for the following new gTLDs: Dot [...]

  • The Domains 13 hours ago

    Sedo Numeric Auction Starts Wednesday 49 extensions represented Read article in a new window

    On Wednesday Sedo will start its numeric auction of 265 domain names that run the gamut of super quality to wait what ? There will be 49 different extensions represented including .mobi, .enterprises and .name. Here is the list of extensions: asia be berlin bg bid bike biz cab cards ch club cn co co.com […]

  • Domain Sherpa 16 hours ago

    DomainSherpa Review – September 1, 2014: Untouched.com, Snooping.com, Flipped.net… Read article in a new window

    What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?In this show:• An investor's portfolio is appraised: FreeInstrumentals.com, BobberMotorcycles.com, FlooringOptions.com, Flipped.net...• Get your bids in soon for Untouched.com, Snooping.com, CounterAttack.com, DormRoom.com...• Page Howe is the top Sherpa on the mountain in the "Name That Price" game• Plus, much more!

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