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  • Acro.net 49 minutes ago

    Perfect numbers revisited Read article in a new window

    While there is a trend that treats every numeric domain as a coin of sorts, the truth is that not all numbers are created equal. In the course of a decade, I’ve invested in a limited amount of numeric domains in the original three TLDs, perhaps no more than 25 in total, maybe less. Selective […]

  • The Domains 59 minutes ago

    .Deals Has 400+ Registrations; Launches Tomorrow; Here are The More Interesting Domains Read article in a new window

    .Deals which launches into general availability tomorrow has over 400 registrations including Sunrise registrations by trademark holders and those who paid an extra fee to get early access to the domain name (EAP). I think its a good extension. Of course some of the better domains are reserved or on the ICANN collision list. So […]

  • Online Domain 1 hour ago

    T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Will Have A “Rick Schwartz Roast” (Price Goes Up On Friday) Read article in a new window

    The 10th anniversary T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show will feature the Opening Cocktail Party, the networking event that launched an industry back in 2004 to the Masquerade Ball and dinner to the Industry Awards Ceremony, special guest speakers and the “Rick Schwartz Roast” … Continue reading →

  • Domain Investing 1½ hour ago

    TRAFFIC Prices Increase Soon Read article in a new window

    The TRAFFIC conference in Miami in coming up in just a few weeks, and the prices for the conference pass and the hotel are going up soon. I received an email with some details about the price increase from Rick Schwartz, and I want to share it with you so you don’t miss out on the current rate. Here’s what Rick had to say about the conference price increases in this morning’s email: “Prices for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. go up on October 1, however we are extending the $1295 price un...

  • CircleID 1½ hour ago

    A Look at the Security Collapse in the HTTPS Market Read article in a new window

    While in recent years, HTTPS has become integral part of protecting social, political, and economic activities online, widely reported security incidents — such as DigiNotar's breach, Apple's #gotofail, and OpenSSL's Heartbleed — have exposed systemic security vulnerabilities of HTTPS to a global audience. A report released by ACM Queue warns that "the security of the entire ecosystem suffers if any of the hundreds of CAs [certificate authorities] is compromised (weakest link); brows...

  • CircleID 2 hours ago

    Next gTLDs: 2016 or 2019? Read article in a new window

    On September 22, 2014, ICANN published an analysis of the review and assessment work that remains to be done before a new round of gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) applications can be initiated. According to the document, 2016 is the earliest a call for the next lot of applications to operate an Internet suffix could come. To many, a subsequent application window so soon after the 2012 round seems unrealistic. ICANN has committed to undertaking a full review of that first round before m...

  • Morgan Linton 2¼ hours ago

    How Uniregistry Can Put An End To Forgotten Domains Read article in a new window

    If you own more than a handful of domains there’s a good chance that they are spread across multiple registrars. As time goes by it is easy to lose track of where all your domains are registered and when each expires. Couple this with an old email address at one of your registrar accounts and […]

  • Domain Name Wire 2½ hours ago

    How to selectively assign sales leads on DomainNameSales.com Read article in a new window

    DomainNameSales.com allows you to handle the sales inquiries you want and send the others to brokers. I use DomainNameSales.com (DNS) to park most of my domain names because I like using their sales platform. DNS’ platform allows you to handle purchase inquiries on your own for no fee or assign a broker to handle your […]

  • Domain Name Advice 2¾ hours ago

    What have we learned from .com ? Could new gTLDs help create a cleaner and more resilient internet? Read article in a new window

    Phishing, malware, DNS highjacking .. almost all of us will have suffered from at least one of these abuses of the internet at some time or another, but with the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), can we now build a unique, trusted internet space? I believe we can, and it will prove invaluable. Most of the new gTLDs have already laid down rules which will maintain quality standards, and it is a requirement of registry that Rights Protection Mechanisms are implemented, which will discourage t...

  • Online Domain 3 hours ago

    First .Cymru And .Wales Domains Go Live Today Read article in a new window

    Today, the first .cymru and .wales websites will go live when Wales’ First Minister and the National Assembly’s Presiding Officer officially switch over the first tranche of websites to their new internet domains, marking a historic day in Wales’ digital … Continue reading →

  • Internet Society 3 hours ago

    IPv6 & Broadband - Four Speakers at Broadband World Forum Next Month Read article in a new window

    BBWF2014.jpg We’ve gathered four speakers from across Europe who have each deployed IPv6 on their own networks. They’ll share their experiences during the IPv6 deployment session on Wednesday, 22 October, at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam. I'm chairing this session and I’m excited to invite you to join us next month for a case study and a panel that are both sure to be informative. In both the case study and the panel we hope to explore what IPv6 deployme...

  • TLD Investors 3¾ hours ago

    eBay Inc. to Separate eBay and PayPal into Independent Publicly Traded Companies in 2015 Read article in a new window

    Paypal to become a standalone company and trade on its own in 2015 Ebay announced today they will separate its core business and Paypal as two separate companies that will trade separately in the public market. eBay Inc. today said its Board of Directors, following a strategic review of the company’s growth strategies and structure, […]

  • The Domains 4 hours ago

    News Corp Acquires Publicly Traded Move.com For $950M Read article in a new window

    News Corp has agreed to acquire Move, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOVE) “a leading online real estate business that brings consumers and Realtors® together to facilitate the sale and rental of real estate in the United States.” “The Move Network of websites, which also includes Move.com, reaches approximately 35 million people per month, who spend an average of […]

  • Online Domain 5¼ hours ago

    ICANN Issues Alert On The Latest Domain Name Renewal Phishing Scam Read article in a new window

    Last week I wrote about the latest email scam that is targeting domain name owners. Domain name owners receive an email with their details from whois data and a domain name that may or may not be expiring. The scam uses … Continue reading →

  • DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Tuesday 9/30 Read article in a new window

    Last day of the month.  And you know what that means.  It means tomorrow is next month.  I had a good month but only because I put a list of names at Namejet up for sale and every one hit reserve except two.   And the reserves were solid reserves. A few were right at reserve which means I didn’t make a lot but there were a few names I bought at auction and in hindsite didn’t really want them and ended up flipping them for profit when I would have been happy just to get my money back....

  • Domain Pulse 7½ hours ago

    .NZ Launches Second Level Registrations On 30 September Read article in a new window

    From 13:00 New Zealand time, second level registrations became available for the country’s ccTLD .nz. The change means shorter, simpler, more representative names directly under .nz can now be registered – for example, anyname.nz. This is in addition to, for example, .co.nz, .org.nz, .maori.nz, etc. For existing registrants, most will be able to get the [...]

  • Domain Pulse 7½ hours ago

    ICANN: ICG Considering Future Meeting Requests from Community Read article in a new window

    The IANA Stewardship Coordination Group (ICG) has announced that it is currently in the process of scheduling side meetings at ICANN 51 with GAC and ALAC community representatives after receiving explicit requests from these communities. In an effort to continue this broader community engagement, the ICG today announces that it will accept and consider meeting [...]

  • Internet News 7¾ hours ago

    First .Cymru and .Wales Domains Go Live Read article in a new window

    The first .wales and .cymru domain names will go live later today. As we’ve noted elsewhere, the launch of new TLDs is giving cultural and linguistic communities their own space online. From early this morning the launch has been garnering quite a bit of mainstream media:   The Guardian ITV Wales BBC Wales Wales Online […] First .Cymru and .Wales Domains Go Live was published originally on Domain Industry & Internet News - Domain Name Industry News

  • Domain Pulse 7¾ hours ago

    Melbourne Joins Cities With Own gTLD – Landrush Starts 1 October Read article in a new window

    The new gTLD for Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, becomes available for businesses and brands in the state of Victoria to apply for from 10:00 Australian time on 1 October. In addition, a number of iconic businesses have signed up to become ambassadors for the new gTLD. Some of these include the Flower Drum restaurant, [...]

  • TLD Investors 10 hours ago

    Daily Sales Recap 9-29-14 Busy Day of Five Figure Sales Led by Answers.tv at $28,555 Read article in a new window

    Daily Sales Recap 9-29-14 Busy day with five figure sales everywhere you look, from NameJet to Go Daddy to Sedo there was a lot of action. The highest reported sale was Answers.tv at 22,500 Euros or $28,555. The seller was longtime Namepros .tv sub forum member Montechristos, congrats to him on a great sale. Entertain.com […]

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