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  • Dsad Daily Auction Recap Read article in a new window

    Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold. GoDaddy 2-2.com Can’t wait to see how this finishes. Never seen one for sale or sell at auction. Actually never even remembered such things. Doing very well but there are only 100 of them available. 2-2.com: 49 for 2,650 Not sure that this met reserve. Really like the repeating number in this one. 6-7.com I scan down the list and holy smokes there is another one. But not doing nearly as well 6-7.com: 48 for 2,000 Not sure that this met reser...

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  • TLD Investors 6¼ hours ago

    Brand Bucket Discontinues Voting For Credits Read article in a new window

    In a newsletter that went out today, Brand Bucket announced they are discontiuing their Voting App. Many members used the voting system to offset some of the costs of listing their accepted names on Brand Bucket. When a name is approved you pay a $10 listing fee, the voting for credits system helped to lower […]

  • Flippa.com 7½ hours ago

    How to Sell your website for top dollar on Flippa Read article in a new window

    As the Websites Product Manager for Flippa, my job is to work on constantly growing the marketplace to better fit what Buyers want. That’s why I’m perfectly placed to give you these exclusive insights how to get the best sales price for your listing: Google Analytics is king All serious Buyers demand Google Analytics verification [...]

  • Recent Domain Sales That Have Been Developed (pics): NLF.com, UWK.com, InstaWeb.com, More Read article in a new window

    The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the last few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. Lab360.com sold for $40,000 at DomainProducts/Sedo. They’re affiliated with Qihoo 360, a Chinese internet company with a market cap over $8 billion. “Lab360 is established to support the smart hardware ecosystem. We believe the internet is more than a flat screen and are e...

  • The Domains 9½ hours ago

    Could Apple Surpass Google in Search One Day ? Read article in a new window

    There was an interesting article on of all places LearnBonds.com with regards to Apple going after Google in search. The article discussed the fact that Applebot has been crawling the web for close to a year and that back in May, Apple made that clear. The article also delves into why Apple cannot collect as […]

  • CircleID 11 hours ago

    China Passes Wide-Ranging National Security Law Expanding Internet Control Read article in a new window

    China has passed a wide-ranging national security law expanding its legal reach over the internet and even outer space as concerns grow about ever-tighter limits on rights. Since Xi Jinping came to power, the ruling Communist party has overseen a crackdown on activists, while unrest related to the mainly Muslim region of Xinjiang has worsened and spread. Zheng Shuna, a senior official at the National People's Congress (NPC), said: "China's national security situation has become increasingly seve...

  • CircleID 12 hours ago

    Confessions of an Ex-Opponent of Whois Privacy Read article in a new window

    The following is the easyDNS response to ICANN's public comment period on GNSO Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Working Group Initial Report. The public comment period is open until July 7, 2015. We strongly urge you to make your voice known by signing the petition over at Save Domain Privacy. I submit these comments as a CEO of an ICANN accredited registrar, a former director to CIRA and a lifelong anti spam contributor with an unblemished record of running a managed DNS p...

  • Online Domain 12 hours ago

    Net.Work Sold For $100k Was Only 1 Of 430 Premium .Work Domains Sold Read article in a new window

    Minds + Machines Group Limited announced that registrations within .work have now passed 55,000 positioning it in the top 20 of new top-level domains launched under ICANN’s new gTLD programme. The company also reported the sale of the Premium Name … Continue reading →

  • CircleID 13 hours ago

    .WTF Domain Being Used In Privacy Campaign Read article in a new window

    ICANN comment periods on policy proposals don't normally garner much attention. In the case of the current comment period on proxy/privacy services, however, things are very different. To date several thousand comments have been filed, while the topic of the policy proposals has received media attention across hundreds of outlets. Today, however, I noticed some people referring to a .wtf domain name. Meet ICANN.wtf It's a single page site which mirrors the letter drafted by severa...

  • Domain Name Journal 13 hours ago

    THE Domain Conference Week Just Got Busier - Major 2-Day Meet Up for Business Women Added Read article in a new window

    There was already considerable excitement surrounding the debut edition of THE Domain Conference (TDC), coming up in Florida this fall. A one-day DOMAINfest event was added to the show schedule last month and today we learned a major event for women will precede TDC.

  • Domain Name Wire 13 hours ago

    EDR: Puka.com + 200 other expired domain name sales Read article in a new window

    Joseph Peterson reviews the past week of expired domain name sales in this Expired Domain Report. Some time passed without China topping our list of expired domain auctions; first Insurance1.com and then DataTrack.com took 1st place – both English and U.S.-focused. This week China once again snags the tape at NameJet’s finish line, coming in 1st with PUKA.com ($9.0k). While it isn’t […]

  • Internet Society 13 hours ago

    InterCommunity 2015 On July 7/8 - It's Gonna Be Great! Read article in a new window

    icomm15-teaser-matt-wolfe-cc-by-nc-sa.jpg In just a few short days, on July 7 and 8, 2015, I will join with thousands of Internet Society members in "InterCommunity 2015", our first global meeting of Internet Society members.  I will soon be in Auckland, New Zealand, with the Internet Society Board of Trustees, but will be joining with you all in your homes, offices, and also in regional "nodes" across the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific. Th...

  • Domain.ME 15 hours ago

    How to ‘Hack’ Domains to Spell Out ANY Domain Want Read article in a new window

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  • Domain Name Wire 16 hours ago

    WorkBetter.com owner fights back against ACPA lawsuit Read article in a new window

    Jason Kneen fights motion for preliminary injunction and points out plaintiff’s apparent shenanigans. Earlier this week I wrote about how New York company Office Space Solutions, Inc. had filed a cybersquatting lawsuit against Jason Kneen of the UK over the domain name WorkBetter.com. Kneen registered the domain name in 1999, well before Office Space Solutions […]

  • Domain Investing 16 hours ago

    Greece Woes Impacting Domain Names? Read article in a new window

    I have been following the news about the economy of Greece over the last couple of weeks. I am not an economics expert by any stretch, but I am sure the ongoing issues in Greece will impact people and economies throughout the world, regardless of the outcome. An interesting op-ed article was published this morning in the New York Times. Greece’s Sorry Reckoning, written by Nikos Konstandaras, discussed the issue at hand as well as some of the problems that Greece-based businesses have encountere...

  • Domain.ME 17 hours ago

    Recognizing the Opportunities for Network Effect Startups Read article in a new window

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  • TLD Investors 18 hours ago

    Go Daddy Auction Picks 7-3-15 Will 2-2.com reach reserve ? Read article in a new window

    Go Daddy Auction Picks 7-3-15 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com A lot of numerics today, 87559.com would be my favorite of the 5n.com. 2-2.com is a public auction already over $2,000, reserve not met. 6d6.com is expired and moving up over $2,000. These are always my favorite 3character followed by Lnn.com. They are the easiest to remember, […]

  • Online Domain 19 hours ago

    Q2 2015 Premium TLD 50: .Global Has 38% Growth, Average TLD Price Is $71 Read article in a new window

    Starting Dot published the Q2 2015 Premium TLD 50, and they are beginning to see some interesting trends in this space. There’s stability at the top, with the 5 biggest TLDs by volume all showing stable growth and holding their … Continue reading →

  • DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Friday, July 3rd, 2015 Read article in a new window

    Do you take a profit or do you press on?  It’s a question domain investors ask us all the time.  While you can’t look back and think about how much more you could have made if you kept the names you sold, you certainly can make a decision whether or not you HAVE to sell.  I had to sell because I used the profit to buy more names.  That certainly was the case in the first half of my domain investing career.  The names weren’t that good and I was lucky to sell them.  But the seco...

  • Internet Society 19 hours ago

    Starts Monday: Third Africa DNS Forum to Take Place in Nairobi Read article in a new window

    binary.jpg Technology experts from Africa and beyond will gather in Nairobi between July 6th and 8th, for the third Africa Domain Name System Forum. This year, the event has brought together experts in the domain name industry, business experts and policy makers, seeking to explore ways to grow Africa’s Domain Name Space. The meeting will build on the success of the inaugural DNS forum in 2013 in Durban and the follow up event in Abuja last year. Under the the...

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