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Loic Le Meur of LeWeb Fails to Steal, Later Makes Absurd Statements in Rebranding Interview

LeWeb is a major tech event in Europe that has been using the domain name until recently.  Today, LeWeb founder – Loïc Le Meur – published an article on his blog with the title “We Just Switched LeWeb to Because It’s Cool“.  In a video interview with .CO Founder Juan Diego Calle, he decides to go from .net to .co and makes the following statement:

“We are LeWeb to .CO.. and it’s instead of .net which sounds like for my grandmother” know it sounds like a little old fashion from the 90′s or something”

He goes on by stating:

“It’s more like a pain in the b*tt right?… So for has been taken since even before we created LeWeb” … “so we taking about squatting before he was created..but we tried.. like there’s nothing on it… I think the most famous domain squatter “Hi” of Japan or something.. and there’s nothing there…it’s like Google AdWords… so I’ve been trying to to buy.. like I’ve …anyway… and we can’t get it back.


The part of this story that many people don’t know is that back in November of 2011, Loic Le Meur filed a UDRP Action through WIPO against domain investor,  Satoshi Shimoshita, in pursuit of taking a cheap shot at it.  The complainant (LeWeb) was denied based on the following findings by the panelist:

  • Panel finds (below) that the domain name was not registered and is not being used in bad faith
  • The registration of the domain name would not have been in bad faith because the registrant could not have contemplated the complainant’s then non-existent right.  In the instant case there is no evidence showing that Respondent knew or should have known of the LeWeb conference or of Complainant’s LEWEB marks on August 23, 2002, the date of registration of the disputed domain name.
  • Since Complainant has failed to prove that the registration of the disputed domain name was made contemplating Complainant’s LEWEB mark, i.e. in bad faith, the third requirement of the Policy is not met.


From the interview, I conclude the following:

  • Loic Le Meur is so angry he couldn’t get the .com, so he calls out the registrant as a squatter.  His body language sounds louder than his words.
  • Apparently, Loic Le Meur’s allegations of buying the domain sounds fishy.  He kinda of gets stuck talking about it but then says “Anyway…” then calms down.
  • “.net sounds like for my grandmother”  Really?  Does .com sound old school too?
  • “Get it back”  LeWeb/Loic never owned the domain.  What do you mean “Get it back”?
  • “There’s nothing on it”  Well, that’s none of your business.  The domain was registered before LeWeb was established.  There was no way it was registered in bad faith.  Period.


Had the complainant won the domain in the WIPO action, would .CO been cool in the eyes of Loic?  Probably not.


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