Whois Domainsville

Domainsville is a distributed domain investing network where participants buy fragments of domains and share the profit when domains sell. The average domain investor never gets the pleasure of owning a decent domain worth significant value since all valuable domains result in bidding wars at the drop auctions. The vast majority of domain investors end up buying less quality names they can afford that often have no resell value. With Domainsville, you become a part-owner with hundreds and potentially thousands of domains without locking up significant financial resources. When a domain sells, every network participant wins!

In May 2018, Domainsville.com was relaunched as a fragmented domain investing network by Abdu Tarabichi, a long-time domain investor that started his career in the space back in 2001. Domainsville was initially launched in July 2011 as a domain name information resource.

The Domainsville logo resembles the culture that defines the operation of the network. The colored triangles represent different network participants. The logo that spells the letters "d" and "v" as in DomainsVille resemble an inverted peace ribbon that speaks on how network participants work together towards one common goal: selling domains and sharing the profit.