Why buy/sell domain names through Domainsville?

It's becoming increasingly difficult to go up against the big players in the domain industry. Most decent expired domains result in bidding wars that make it impossible for average domain investors to get a piece of the action. With Domainsville, you can buy stake in hundreds of domains starting at a base cost of $10, which is the average ticket price if you were to hand register a regular domain.

Who can join the Domainsville network?

We accept participation from any country in the world EXCEPT the countries listed below due to US embargo regulations:

  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Cuba

Any account registered from the mentioned countries will be shut down immediately.

Where can I find the list of domains that are being traded on the network?

Domains acquired will be tweeted out on @Domainsville. Once you sign up and fund your account with at least $10 you will have access to the list of domains the network is selling under the "Domains" menu link. You'll also be able to view the cost price, selling price, as well as any notes attached to each domain.

What types of domains does Domainsville buy?

Domains We Buy

  • 1 and 2 word domains
  • exclusively .com's
  • descriptive, trending keywords
  • domains that can be solicited to several entities


Domains WE DON'T BUY

  • domains that contain hyphens or numbers
  • trademarks
  • domains that lack meaning or value
  • domains that can be sold to only 1 entity
  • New gTLDs

Who sells the domains that are acquired through the Domainsville network?

Once a domain is acquired through the network, Domainsville administrators will list the domain name on domain marketplaces at a fixed price. Each domain will point to a landing page with a Buy Now option. We'll email potential end-user buyers to let them know the domain is now on the market. All domains will be priced to sell quick.

How much does it cost to trade on Domainsville?

You can get started for as low as $10, with no limit on how much you can contribute. Your share per domain is based on your contributed amount.  In the event that a domain sells, network participants earn their share of revenue from 80% of the profit. Domainsville retains 20% of the profit to support its efforts in researching, finding, bidding, and marketing domains to buyers, as well as allocating resources for legal fees in the event any of the domains become subject of a UDRP. Network participants are also subject to a 2% admin fee from all payments they contribute to the network. That amount will be deducted from their available balance.

Can I get access to the list of domains on backorder?

To prevent front-running, we are unable to publish the list of domains that the network is pursuing.

Who sets the selling prices on the domains?

Domainsville Network Administrators set pricing on domains and have the authority to sell at a price point that creates cash flows for the best interest of network participants.

How can I fund my account?

You may fund your account using PayPal, Cashier's Checks, Crypto (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum). Any fees charged by PayPal or Crypto will be deducted from your available balance.


To make a payment:


Make a payment through Coinbase Commerce. Please use the same email as your Domainsville account.


Make a payment to hello@domainsville.com. Please write your Domainsville account ID in the notes.

https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/f803a2a7-5858-4a57-9c02-a389ac75ae12https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/f803a2a7-5858-4a57-9c02-a389ac75ae12 Cashier's Check (US only)

Send a check payable to Domainsville.com to the following address: PO Box 31096, Charlotte NC 28231. Please write your Domainsville account ID on the check.

Are Domainsville administrators allowed to participate in funding domain purchases on the network?

Network administrators are allowed to participate in funding domain purchases on the network. However, to avoid conflict of interest, administrators are NOT allowed to bid through external accounts on domains that the network is pursuing.

Network administrators are NOT allowed to sell domains to themselves, their relatives, or get involved in a sales transaction with any party with the intent of buying it back from that party in pursuit of a good deal.

What happens if a domain that was acquired through Domainsville becomes subject of a UDRP filing?

Domainsville will seek legal council to respond to and defend against UDRP claims using the cash resources generated from it's share of sales commissions (20%). Network participants never pay any legal fees. A proficient and well known domain name lawyer will be hired to respond to the case.

How can I verify that the cost of acquiring a domain is what the site claims?

We will be attaching a PDF document to the domain record for your viewing. You will be able to validate the authenticity of the purchase price.

When do I get paid for domains sold on the network?

You get paid on the 1st of each month for all sales that cleared from the past month. Sales from the month of May will be paid on June 1st. Disbursement method can be selected from your account profile.

Will the domain sales lander pages include any form of ads?

Not at all. We will refrain from placing any advertising on the sales lander pages. The pages are meant to promote the domain name being available to the market. We are not looking for monetizing the traffic in the interim of selling the domain.

Am I able to pull out of the network if I realize this is not a good fit for me?

You may sell your account to a new individual or existing network participant at any time. Domainsville will not impose any fees or penalties. Contact hello@domainsville.com with your request and we will be happy to assist you in transferring your account to another person.

Are domain participants allowed to buy domains that are offered on the network?

Yes, network participants are allowed to purchase domains offered on the network as long as participants are NOT network administrators.

Can a network particiant buy shares before a planned domain sale?

New shares that are purchased before a large sale can hurt other participants that may have entered earlier.  New share purchases can give newcomers an unfair advantage of gaining more money in the event that a domain can be sold by them for a high price.  To prevent this type of behavior, only 20% of new investors' funding can be applied to the total amount of investment for a period of 60 calendar days. After that lock period, the remainder of their contribution will be applied.